Auditor List

This list is for informational purposes only, and DefiSafety does not endorse any of the auditing firms contained on this list. To request a company to add to the list, please click the "Add Link" Button below.

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Auditor Name
Auditor Link
ABDK Consulting
https://www.abdk.consulting/link icon
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Arcadia Group
https://arcadiamgroup.com/link icon
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https://blaize.tech/security/link icon
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https://blocksecteam.comlink icon
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Bramah Systems
https://www.bramah.systems/link icon
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Callisto Smart Contract Audits
https://callisto.network/smart-contract-audit/link icon
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https://www.certik.org/link icon
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Chain Safe
https://github.com/ChainSafe/auditslink icon
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Chain Security
https://chainsecurity.com/link icon
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Chains Guard
https://www.chainsguard.com/link icon
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