About DeFiSafety

DeFiSafety is an independent quality and ratings organization that evaluates Decentralized Finance products to produce an overarching security score based on our transparent quality standard which features transparency and adherence to best practices.

DeFiSafety’s Protocol Review and Chain Review standards follow a clear, standardized and established process. It allowing users to directly compare scores across different projects. Results of our assessments can be easily replicated by following the PQR documentation posted on our website

Protocol score documentation clearly indicates the criteria behind the ratings and how we arrive at our conclusions.

DeFiSafety’s Protocol scores allow users to make informed decisions about the DeFi protocols they invest in, and provide developers with clear, achievable goals towards improving code, documentation and transparency.

DeFiSafety does not perform code audits. Instead, we review the quality of process and documentation behind the code, of which audits are only a part.

Our Pillars

Our mandate is to provide accurate, unbiased and trustworthy reviews for the benefit of DeFi users, and the DeFi community as a whole. To ensure the impartiality of our review process, DeFiSafety is dedicated to three principles of independence, objectivity and transparency.

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DeFiSafety is fiercely independent. We intentionally avoid any conflicts of interest that might impinge on our mandate. We do not accept payment to create or modify in any way the ratings of projects under review.

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Protocol ratings are based entirely on our established, easily auditable review process. Protocol Reviews are designed to prevent bias by relying on quantitative measures wherever possible and explicitly defined ranges of criteria when qualitative estimates are required. Our primary audience is the user, and all of our incentives are aligned towards what users need most - objective and unbiased information.

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Protocol Review criteria are clear, coherent, and publicly available. We always show our work. DeFiSafety’s review process is publicly available on the website, and always indicates which criteria were used where, and how results were arrived at for a given score. Transparency builds trust and increases accountability.

Our Team