Contract Scores

DeFiSafety is making it easier now more than ever to see technical due diligence on a protocol’s smart contracts. With Contract Scores, we demystify the technical inner workings and make essential contract information accessible and easy to understand. This is achieved by collecting relevant information on DeFi protocols, including and beyond on-chain data, allowing web3 users to make smart, informed choices.

The score covers technical risk ONLY. Tokenomics, ROI and governance are not included, yet.

In-Depth contract assessments, distilled

Researching protocols and projects to invest in can be a daunting task. Every contract we analyze has a clear score with intuitive scoring metrics. We collect a wide range of contract data including historical factors such as notable values of assets held over time and contract auditing processes.

DeFiSafety goes the distance and collects extensive information for you, so you can manage your funds with certitude.

Rigorous and objective reviews

DeFi Safety’s core values rest on independence, objectivity and transparency. We do not receive compensation in any form by protocols to review their products. Our review processes are unbiased, meticulous and well-documented. We have several key scoring metrics that align with our review processes:

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Contract Maturity Score

Examines if contract that has held significant values of assets and has remained uncompromised by hacks or exploits.

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Process Quality Review Score

A comprehensive check of off-chain and on-chain data relevant to the protocol.

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Audit Score

We verify if a specific contract was audited on this chain.

Documented processes that deliver

Our review methodologies are transparent, with clear scoring metrics and documented details of how we arrived at each score. DeFi Safety is committed to creating more accountability in DeFi, having reviewed over 33,000 (and counting) contracts. Our proprietary scoring algorithm provides accurate scores and our processes are constantly being improved with feedback from industry experts.

Tiered support for any user

A wealth of services are provided by DeFi Safety. PQRs are free and accessible to anyone on the web. Enterprises and DeFi specialists who want to take their analysis to the next level can benefit from additional professional services, including access to DeFi Safety’s Review Score APIs, more detailed scoring metrics and private support channels. We’ve got you covered no matter the scale of your operation.